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Links on the Quran: 
Fall in love with the Qur'an with Bayyinah's Podcast Tafsir
Quran Weekly

Links on Prophet Mohammed 
Prophet Mohammed's Story ....(Amazing Website)
Desert Rose- a Glimpse of the Prophet sallah Allaho alyhee wa salam's struggles

"Sisterly Links": 

I Got it Covered- Online HIjabi Community
Modest Beautiful Muslimah (Online Magazine)
Feesabeelillah-Sisters-Club on Facebook (Islamify your facebook with this wonderful group, ma'shaAllah)
Yasmin ('Nuff Said)
Productive Muslimah
Muslimah Source

The Muslim Marriage! 
Life Pepper (Relationship Advice for the Muslim Wife)
Muslim Marriage Advice (You can submit your own question)
Pure Matrimony

Group Blogs (Disclaimer: the content is not my responsibility but there are good reads :P)

And Remind Them (Wa' Thakker- AWESOME website)
Islam Religion.Com (Good Dawah Site)
True to Jesus (Another Good Dawah Site)
Returning to Allah- awesome must listen to lecture

Arabic Studies

One tiny note though is that I watched the story of Sarah that he says in the end from Amr Khaled himself and it's a little different (I think this speaker must have heard it from someone who heard it from someone, etc.)

From the Blogsophere:
A Judgment about Judgments (Abez Sez Blog)
Tafseer of Surah Yusuf Part 1 (bint mushtaq)
Why Does Allah use the plural for darkness but the singular for light in the Qur'an?!
Make a Difference (Wiser, Miss Tweet Blue Pearl)
Abwaab-al-khair- by Cucumber
Sweet Serenity's Comprehensive List of Links!
Bill Cosby on Fear....(Forever Fatimah's Blog).


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