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I think it’s only fair you know a little about the people you’re asking advice from.

Blissful Dreams


Little Auntie and Little Miss Aunty are [real] twin sisters!  We are conservative, but not exactly conventional, slightly neurotic, chocolate addicted, bilingual niqabis. Oh, yeah and we're Egyptians. We're almost 26…and together we are the middle children of the family. Little Auntie started the blog and drafted Little Miss Aunty soon after :)
We're definitely goody-two-shoes or would that be four shoes?

BlissfulDreams is a big dreamer. She has millions and gazillions of goals she hopes to achieve (Memorize the whole Quran, becomea Pediatrician...the list goes on and on!), and she also strives to perfect her imperfect self. Her Mother thinks she is a bit of a perfectionist, and Blissful dreams can't help but agree sometimes. She has a passion for reading a good book while munching on some 'sour cream  and onion' chips(her most favorite!) while sitting outside under the gazebo... or sketching while she listens to nasheeds on her iPod ^.^ She wishes you the best, then says: "Do by what you advise and be sincere to your Lord,yourself, and the people you know..." *Smile*

TheSisterinSearch is a 21 year old student who loves her three B’s – baking, blogging and books. She's kinda nerdy and admittedly a little weird (in a good way!). With a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for new experiences that just won’t quit, she's always doing something! She loves meeting new people and will try anything once. Ok, maybe not anything – but, hey, most things! You’ll either find her running around the kitchen or with her head stuck in a good book. A sugar addicted bookworm with a love for cheesecake and all things handmade. You can also find her at and

Seeking Patience  is a 21 years old muslimah who lives in the U.S.. She speaks Somali, English, and Urdu/Hindi, and is currently memorizing the Qur'an, inshallah her goal is to become a hafidah. She's best friends with her sisters, loves design and Psychology, and wants to become an elementary school teacher-homeschooler. Some of her other favorite things include reading, hiking, and eating mini Haagendazs Dulce de leche ice-cream.

One Chinese Auntie is a late 20's something Canadian Chinese Muslimah who feels like she's in her teens! Left her party princess fashion world for a peaceful , soul-filled, calm life at home as a housewife. A niqabi who loves black, pink and and anything sweet! Loves to doodle hearts everywhere and owner of Loves Tim Hortons and anything Canadian. The most non-Chinese, Chinese sister you'll ever meet! 

Different Yet Similar is a 24 year old, almost dentist, who believes she is finally growing up (as evidenced by an extreme sweet tooth that is showing signs of calming down). Having made a conscious decision to be a practicing Muslim quite late in her life (for someone who was born Muslim), she loves learning about her Deen and advising others. She also loves the little reminders Allah (swt) sends her, whenever she borders on crossing over to being judgmental (in matters of Deen, worldly matters are a different story ;) ). A family gal through and through, she can be very opinionated and loud, or quiet and shy-depending on the crowd and the topic being discussed

Previous Writers:

TheSisterWhoSmiles is a small-for-her-age seventeen-year-old British-Pakistani-Hijabi (that's a lot of hyphens!) who's simply smiling and climbing through life. She loves writing and languages as well as graphic design and science - she admits she's a little geeky ;). She's a daydreaming optimist who has a weakness for Ben & Jerry's and feels grown up when she's in a coffee shop.

Apple Blossoms  is a twenty-year-old niqaabi who lives in the Mitten State and dreams of studying in South Africa. She thinks she has finally perfected the recipe for Molten Lava Cakes after so many arduous hours spent in the kitchen with a whisk. She's the second oldest of seven kids, has two adorable babies living in Saudi (her older sister's kids :P), and has a loyal partner in crime who happens to be her twin, who's married. She's currently studying  to become a high school English teacher--along with a generous helping of Psychology and a dash of Criminal Justice--which she is very excited about! :D She helps her twin with her essays for college, and her twin in turn helps her in Math. If she does end up ever going for her master's, she hopes it will be in Social Work, inshaAllah. :D 

 or Little Big Sister is our Swedish translator. If you speak Swedish, be sure to visit the blog @

And most of all….each one of us is:

DISCLAIMER: The advice written on this blog is not written by professionals . In case it isn't clear from the above ^, we do not claim to have any 'credentials'. We're not psychiatrists, counselors,  'coaches'/ or etc. We're not Sheikahs or aalimahs, either and that's why we don't answer fatwa questions. We ARE sisters who want to help, though and we're listening to listen. If our advice sounds okay to you, you're welcome to try it and if sounds totally off to're welcome to share your own input :)


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