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Asalamu aliakum sisters,

New to Dear Little Auntie? Here is a list with some of the questions we've tackled. Hope you find what you're looking for <3 font="">

A. I am thinking of wearing niqab....
B. I wore niqab, took it off, and now want to wear it again...
C. My family think I am an extremist because I wear niqab and gloves.


A. Should I de-activate my account?
B. My x-friend put up pictures of me on facebook without hijab! What to do?
C. My cousin's got a pretty revealing picture of herself on facebook. We're not close, though. How should I address this issue? (Please also read if you put pictures of yourself on facebook)

School and University

I started going to public high school and I hate it. 
With all the school work and stress, my imaan keeps falling down.
I'm tired of being the odd one out in school. 
I'm failing university!  (UPDATED)
Exams like completely freak me out. So stressed.
I'm thinking of changing my university major... 
I didn't get into the university I really wanted to enter. I did everything I could :(
I'm scared of public, please!
I want to quit cheating! 
I'm entering university older than my colleagues. I'm worried about that.



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