Annoyed by Unfaithful Classmates

>> Tuesday, February 5, 2013

hello sisters,i always browse the internet for advice on things that happen in my life, and i can stumbling across your blog. i found it very interesting and have spent days looking it over and, well, enjoying it! i just wanted to thank you, because this is really awesome, what you have done, and i wish i could doing something like this inshallah in the future.this is my question, or area in search of advise. i go to a school in a muslim country. so alhamdulilallah i get to learn about allah 3 times a week at school. but my problem is with the class. i am not the brightest mind at school and don't have many friends. but in ISLAMIC class people be SO and EXTREMELY haram. the teacher never does anything about and i have had it up to here (above my head) with them. i don't know how to handle it anymore and have no person that gives me specific advise on what to do, so i am hoping you wonderful ladies can help.
sincerely,annoyed by unfaithful classmates.

Dear Annoyed by Unfaithful Classmates

Salaam sis!

Islamic studies 3 times a week at school? – Wow, Mash’Allah, I think that’s awesome! Islam always encourages to increase in knowledge and can even be seen as a form of worship and what better knowledge than that of our beautiful deen? After all, how can one practice Islam without acquiring knowledge of it first? 

But, it sounds like you’re struggling to make the most of this wonderful privilege and I hope I can help you combat this issue you seem to be having with your classmates. 

Sadly not everyone will share your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, however, this doesn’t mean you should let them stand in your way. If possible, try not to let yourself become distracted by their behaviour – sit away from them and try ignoring them. Focus your attention on yourself and your learning.

But, if you’re struggling to do that then you can’t expect the problem to disappear on its own! While you may find it slightly daunting and not want to raise this issue with your classmates the only way to really solve it is to go right to the source – talk to them about it. 

They might not even be aware of how disruptive their behaviour is. Or perhaps they are but as no one has said anything they may have assumed it’s not much of a problem. Bring your concerns to their attention in a polite way and ask them nicely to behave ‘appropriately’ during the lesson. You can even try telling them about the amazing rewards they can get for "learning" about the deen. Perhaps your peers are very bored of the way is to suggest to them that you guys talk to the teacher about letting the last 5-8 minutes be for discussions on "Islamic topics" where you guys get to PICK what it is that you want to learn about (or for example, each week, one person chooses). 

If nothing changes then there really is only one other solution – speak to the teacher. I think it’s better to speak to your classmates directly, but if they fail to take your issue seriously then that doesn’t really leave you with much choice but to raise it with someone with more authority.And, if the class teacher fails to improve the situation then speak to a higher member of staff, such as the head. At the end of the day, your education and its progress in being hindered here and this isn’t something that should be taken lightly. 

And, you know what? If you’re struggling with this issue then chances are some one else in your class is, too! You’re probably not alone in this so speak to your other classmates and discuss ways you might be able to solve this – after all, more heads are better than one! Present a united front and it might make the others realise just how much of a problem their behaviour is. It might also help the teacher(s) do something about it if they realise this is something that’s affecting not just one student, but quite a few.

Keep calm, work hard and stay focused. 

Lots of love,

2 wonderful sprinkely thoughts:

Fida Islaih February 5, 2013 at 11:46 AM  

I've heard about this problem even in Islamic schools in western countries. I'm glad someone brought it up, thanks for your advice!

Unknown February 6, 2013 at 2:15 PM  

I've been having this problem too, expecially with some other Muslim girls in my class..... :)
Ishallah I'll try to talk to them

The DaisyChainSister

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