How do I tell da Teacher it's a bit Tight?

>> Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Asalamualykum dear ukthi,
i have this teacher at school who wears a hijab however wears very rivealing clothes which makes me quite uncomftable because i tend to hear boys in my class shouting out ''slag'' ect. i don't want to tell her because i know i will end up in trouble and the teacher will just say that i should mind my own business but its really fustrating. what should i do?? jazakAllah"

wa’alaykum as salam wa rahmatullah wa barkatoo,

Dearest Worried Student,

I gotta admit it to you. I saw your letter and I panicked. I thought ‘NOW that is a tough question”. That’s why it has taken me sooooo long to respond to you. I mean if it’s hard to tell our FRIENDS that their hijab is a bit…well..needs some more improvement…what about our teachers? Yup, definitely tough question…

But at the same time, it is really great question. It speaks a lot about your character, ma’shaAllah, that you would want to talk to your teacher and give her nasiha…

So I’m going to give you some really different strategies and hope that our readers pitch in some of their own ideas, hehe, and you see what you think you should do.

  1.        The Anonymous Tip Idea
It sounds like you are in a Muslim dominant school/ country (since your teacher is wearing hijab). IF that’s the case, and your teacher’s got a cubby hole, you can print out a nice article on the obligation of hijab, its conditions, etc. and put it there anonymously(and in other teachers’ cubby holes, too- so it doesn’t look like you are signaling her out). You can decorate it and put it on nice paper and maybe toss in a few chocolates.

2. The “Let’s Be Friends” Idea
If you’ve got facebook, ask her if she has it, too. If she does and she agrees to add you, wait a few days and then put up a nice article on the obligation of hijab, its conditions (haha, yup, I am repeating myself purposefully). OR, you could always put up a nice video on the topic. I’m not sure, but I think Baba Ali did a sort funny but true on one this topic?

3.   The Sincere Student Method
You pick an appropriate time- (preferably when there’s no one else in the classroom)- and you open up. You say something like “Ms. I really admire you and respect you. Thank you so much for teaching us X and Y. I learned a lot. There is just one tiny thing I thought you should know.  There are some people in this school who talk about you physically and I think you deserve more respect than that. I know that you wear hijab, ma’sahAllah, which is so inspiring and wonderful to us, but maybe it would also be a better idea to wear (for example? ) skirts or abayas. It might be a little less distracting for the guys, inshaAllah.

 4. The “Girls for REaL  Hijab” Campaign
Yes, I am suggesting you start a whole campaign for this, lol. Quite simply, you get together with some friends/ other girls in your school, and you decide that you’re going to make some posters, maybe give a small talk on what is true hijab- you invite her/ you tell her about this campaign of yours/ you ask her permission to put up a poster or talk about hijab during her class for 5 minutes. Heheh. So then, you talk about haya, you talk about modesty, etc. You talk about how it’s more than a scarf on your head, how it’s important to wear loose clothes, and how it’s important to act modestly. I would suggest using an article from I Got it Covered, like this one, called "garment of piety"
Okay, these were my little ideas....I hope inshaAllah things work out and that years from now, your teacher makes dua for you, thanking you for telling her what hijab is =)

4 wonderful sprinkely thoughts:

Anonymous,  January 19, 2011 at 8:41 PM  

Masha Allah aunties. those were some really great ideas. i can't really think of any other tips.
But maybe (if you go to some kind of islamic school) and if by chance you had to like write an essay/paper, and by chance you got to choose the topic for example, well then maybe you could write about hijab? she'd read it cause she'd the teacher right? maybe that'd work ... or not? lol i"m bad with ideas.

Sabirah January 20, 2011 at 2:00 AM  


Wow, that is really a hard question! Masha'Allah, you did a great job answering it!

Anonymous,  January 20, 2011 at 10:26 AM  

Assalam alaikoum dear little aunties,

Tough question you got there! Lol, but you did crack me up with your answer. Not that I'm laughing at you lovely sisters but at how witty you are :) Really love the ideas especially the first one about throwing in some candies in the letter! At least the candies will make her happy if she doesn't like the hijaab article!

I daresay approaching a teacher wouldn't be a piece a cake. Imagine if she is the snarly sort!

Whether she accepts the advice (or not), I'm sure insha Allaah she'll reflect on herself. I mean if someone were to say something you didn't like to hear about yourself, wouldn't you at least ruminate over it? Make dua that He guides her.. not everyone understands what constitutes proper hijaab. I speak for myself at least because I had no idea before until a friend approached me about it. I thought headscarf + tight clothing = hijaab.. allahu mustaan.

Little Auntie,  January 21, 2011 at 12:11 AM  

Anonymous, ma'shaAllah, nice tip! I like it :)

Sabirah, jazakillah koli khair <3

Ummkhaleel! That's exactly why I said toss in some chocolates, hehe! But what you said is very true. I myself did not know what hijab was when I first started wearing it. I didn't change my wardrobe at all- istagfirAllah. It took some time and some steering from dear popsy (dad) to realize what hijab was....and of course, a few aunties, as well. Alhamdillah that your friend helped explain it to you :D What a true and special friend she must have been :)

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