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>> Monday, July 26, 2010

Asalamu aliakuam wa rahmat Allah wa barkatoo,

So I am extremely sorry to all my wonderful readers. I disappeared for about a week's time. I went to this 'beachy city' where I didn't have any internet access...at all! When I came back yesterday, I found 11 new emails to respond to (in this email), not to mention a few other emails in my private email. So I am very sorry! I am behind on the questions, but I'm working on them :)

I'm also very happy to announce that we've had a few people contact me about becoming 'aunties'. As of today, my twin is an auntie and she goes under the name "Little Miss Aunty". She was supposed to be an 'auntie' from the beginning, but she was actually working. While I was responding to emails yesterday, though, she took over and answered a question, which I'll be putting up inshaAllah after I publish this. Also, we have other people expected to join real soon- I just need to work out how to distribute the questions :)

I would also like to call out any sisters who have written any 'pieces' of advice on their blog and would like to share it. I'm thinking to have a feature guest article every once in a while, so do contact me if you're interested...

Jazakum Allah koli khair for your patience and understanding. I am truly honored that so many people have become followers and have shared this little pieces of advice. May you all share in the reward...

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Anonymous,  July 27, 2010 at 9:49 AM  

MashaAllah! This sounds great :) May Allah swt increase the barakah in your works! Ameen. I may have to take you up on that offer of helping out the Little Aunties inshaAllah :P

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