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>> Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Dear little aunties,
Im 14 and in 9th grade now. A lot of my friends have decided what they want to be when they grow older but i have a problem choosing mine. The thing is I really want to be a singer but i wear the hijab. I don't mean sing bad songs (I don't listen to bf/gf ones like love story, i don't really like it because theres no point and wasting time is haram) but stuff like coming closer to God, and spread love amongst the world like MJ so it's not just for Muslim (nasheeds) but for everyone. I don't mind not putting music, I just want to sing something with meaningful messages behind it. Like about oneself to bring teenagers and people more self esteem so that they believe they can achieve their dreams no matter what.
The other problem is my parents don't know I want to sing. Ive been singing nasheeds ever since i was small in grade 2, i still remember i knew the lyrics to Sami Yusuf's nasheed when most of the kids couldn't. I don't have an amazing voice, i dont want fame to change me. I don't want to wear loads of makeup and buy mansions and loan. I just want people to hear the message and perhaps understand money isn't everything and be like a role model. I just want to do what i like doing.
Is nothing really impossible for a girl like me?

Dearest Dreamer,

Your mail made me smile, and I seriously think we need more 'Dreamer's in the world, no joke, you sound like a little girl with such a big heart mashaAllah (:.

This 'Auntie' (I'm only two years older :P) is really quite proud of you, as you understand that the music industry in our current day and age is a big 'nu-uh!' And you don't want to be a part of that... I understand what you mean, you want to do something worthwhile in your life, use your life to inspire others?

Okay, I'm gonna be clear with you here and give you this Hadith to let you think over:

Whoever listens to a female singer, molten lead will be poured into his ears on the Day of Judgement."

Now there is some disagreement about this Hadith, but nonetheless there's something else I should mention. You said you wear the Hijab, mashaAllah! Now I'm sure you already know this, but lemme say it anyway, HIJAB is more than a piece of cloth on a girl's head, right. It's covering the body too. But it's something else as well as that... Hijab is also in the walking, talking and overall character of a Muslim. Now, Hijab is about covering our beauty from non-mehram's for modesty, right... well you might not think so, but a female's voice is quite beautiful. A girl's voice is part of her beauty and I'm not saying a girl's voice shouldn't be heard, but a girl's singing voice; that shouldn't actually be heard by non-mehrams. It's beauty which shouldn't be seen by all, it's more precious and beautiful and valuable and to keep it away from non-mehram ears is the best way to go, hun!

This doesn't mean you can't still sing though. Allah had blessed you with the gift of a voice and you should still use it. With your girls, or at Eid parties or at (segregated) weddings. You could make your own mini-Halaqas at home with some close sisters and after a chat about a certain hadith or a verse from the Quran you enjoyed, and then after that you can always sing some nasheeds. Let's say it's a halal version of the typical karaoke-night.

Now, you asked a few questions in your email so I'm going to be jumping between them, inshaAllah. Another thing you mentioned at the beginning is that you're not too sure about what to do in the future when your friends are. Let me tell you now! You're not alone! I know for a fact I didn't know what I wanted to do and I felt I had to decide there and then especially seeing as my classmates knew and I had a few ideas but nothing I was adamant on pursuing. You'll find out exactly what you want to do in due time, 'every matter has its appointed time'. (: Give it time and things work out by themselves if you keep praying for guidance. Trust me on that hun, sometimes time is the only thing you need to make decisions, but for now enjoy every second of everything you do and keep your options and mind completely and utterly open and free for new ideas and dreams, inshaAllah.

Okay, another thing - you could use your talents (passion, your voice, confidence) to recite the Quran and learn and memorise new surahs. Once again, you could help your friends do this too 
and do it all together
It sounds like it's not the singing part of being a singer that takes your fancy. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think you feel the inspiring words and actions/role model for younger girls/doing-what-you-love part is what you really love. And it's so totally good and true. Money isn't what life is about, not one single bit! You want to do what you love no matter what it is money-wise and just enjoy it. I do admire this about you, Dreamer. And don't ever stop dreaming, okay.

You could start a blog, and write little nuggets to inspire people, I know I've read very inspiring things on blogs and my prayers go out to those sisters who wrote them inshaAllah. It's not hard, just make an account on Blogger or Wordpress, (though I think Blogger's easier to use) and decorate it how you want. Then you can write, or post images or videos, or even lyrics/poems. It starts off small, but who knows how many people may read it and feel inspired.

You know Allah plans for us and He is the Best of Planners. If you think Him as this, He will be this. And there are so many occupations and lifestyles out there you can't just pick one and be it. Your lifestyle will be completely unique to be honest, and if you keep these principles, these desires to fulfill your dreams - if you continue and fight to keep that, then you will enjoy whatever you do. But your enjoyment isn't the most important thing to you is it? The pleasures of Allah subhana'wa'ta'ala is so much more important. Whatever you want to do, do it for Him and His 

I can see you being someone who can change the world. Honestly. If you have the intention and willingness to commit in what you're doing, to remain steadfast, then you can do it and you can shine inshaAllah.

I feel privileged to have cyber-'met' you, because your willingness to inspire, has inspired me. Keep going, girl. And no matter what anyone says, stay steadfast to your Deen - and trust Allah no matter what happens.

I know you will shine, inshaAllah. So smile (:

4 wonderful sprinkely thoughts:

Unknown March 6, 2011 at 1:54 AM  

This girl has so much within herself. So much that can do wonders! I can closely related to how she much be feeling since I have been through it too. But she has the nerve to stand up against it and it's amazing to see that. Masha'Allah! Besides, she's only 14. Aww!

Lil one, there's no charm in a life that God doesn't like. And you seem to already know that. You're strong in your bones and you can utilize it well enough to other circles of life. If you have so much potential, imagine what you'd be doing 10 years from now. If you're so much sane right now, and can greatly impress us all right now, imagine what you can do for the cause of Allah in future, insha'Allah. Spellbound the success, and get set to rock it, girl! Cheers! =D

Blue Pearl March 6, 2011 at 2:17 AM  

We all have strange desires or dreams when we are young - those dreams change though as we get older as our value systems start opening up.

Fida Islaih March 6, 2011 at 8:12 AM  

This is to dreamer: I'm a little like you. I want to be able to help the world in my own little way. I love writing. That's when my blog idea came and i posted my poetry. It has done wonders and insha'allah to you too.

Good luck in whatever you choose!

Anonymous,  March 7, 2011 at 8:56 AM  

So cute masha Allah! I'm sure the sister can do great things but that which pleases Him only. Like spreading the Deen through writing as mentioned by other sisters.

When I was 10, I told my mom that I wanted to be just like Britney Spears.If I can't be a singer, a dancer would do.. so hehe, you're not alone! Over time, you'll realize that you have other talents which you have yet to discover besides singing that can be used to spread your message. I really like Sis Auntie's suggestion of reciting Qur'an actually.. Do you know that there are some people who embrace Islam merely by listening to beautiful Qur'an recitation? Subhan Allah amazing indeed! :)

I'm sure the sister will do great things in the future insha Allah!

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