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>> Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Results of the poll are in :)

So, y'all, share your most embarrassing stories. It could be something you did/ your little bro did/ your adorable kid did....whatever :) Anything at all!

I'm expecting at least 16 replies since 16 people voted for this. You guys better share your stories!

Remember, we've got the anonymous option here, hehe. 

And we're not laughing at you. We're laughing with you :P 


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I'll be sharing the first one....Check the comments :P

17 wonderful sprinkely thoughts:

Little Auntie April 12, 2011 at 12:37 AM  

Okay, so I'm from Egypt, right and we always go there in the summers, right. Well, several summers ago, I decided to get my hair straightened . I went with Miss AUnty and older sis (Mama Salma :P) to a salon our cousin had recommended...The thing is, the ladies there spoke Egyptian like super fast and I had some trouble understanding them. It seemed like every minute I was saying "Umm,what? Could you repeat that"- to the point that I could tell the barber was getting irritated. So then she asked me a question and I decided not to ask her to repeat herself. I just smiled and nodded my head. To my surprise, she took out scissors and started cutting my hair.

Yeah, so she had asked me if I wanted a hair cut, too.

Well, the embarassing thing was....I didn't bring money for a hair cut. I was short on cash!! When it came time to pay, I was soooooo super embarrassed. I explained to her that I didn't bring enough but I'd be back in an hour with the money. And alhamdillah, we were pretty much back by that time :)

She didn't seem to mind :P

Sister Feminine,  April 12, 2011 at 1:35 AM  

Haha Little Auntie :) Luckily the only thing she did was to cut! Can you imagine if she colored or cut it shorter than you wanted lol! ;)

Here's mine!: When I was in college, I used to sport a very short haircut.. the kind you can spike it up and I did actually spike it up because I thought it was cool. Well, I wasn't very feminine back.. also, I played competitive sports so you can imagine I was very bulky too. AND had short hair.

Anyway, I would always buy my lunch from this lady and I thought at first she was being sweet because she kept giving me more than my other girl friends. Like I would get a plate full of rice and other dishes but my friends would get lesser.
Then one day, I was at that food stall again and she had her friend there helping her out. When I was ordering for my rice, the lady gave me a pile of rice like always until her friend whispered to her (it wasn't much of a whisper because I could hear!!!), "Why are you giving the girl so much?" and the lady replied," Oh, I thought it was a guy all this while".. I was so embarrassed to hear that I thought I wanted to run off without my food.. I wondered too whether those who were queuing behind me could hear what she said

Well serve me right anyway. Learnt my lesson and kept my hair long after that lol..

Uri Fatimah,  April 12, 2011 at 1:39 AM  

I am a new muslim who lives in a developed Asian country. I was eating dinner with some non-muslim students. They were eating grilled pork and i was eating halal noodle(later i found it has some haram ingredients).
just.. One of them embrassed me and himself, coz "a piece of pork" jumped into my noodle^^
He was really sorry and didnt know what to say.
I almost ate up my noodle so it was okay for me to leave lest, but probably I felt so sad if i was about to start.

Unknown April 12, 2011 at 1:53 AM  

Lol! Lil Auntie, that's happened to me once or twice. There I'll be at the checkout counter and confidently handing over my Debit Card only to have it declined! :P

It's especially embarrassing when you're at the supermarket and there's a queue behind you and you have to leave the stuff and dash home to get the cash! :P

I always insist it's their stupid machines fault and not my card's before regally flouncing away (have to cover up the embarrassment you know? :P)

I have many many such episodes in my life, it's kind of hard to pick THE most embarrassing. But here's a good one. Lol!

Ok, so, when I was fifteen, I bought my very first high heels. They were about four inches in height and all shiny and silver. I wore the shoes only once (and sat around in them instead of walking) and they kept sitting in my closet.

One day I decided that I should really get used to wearing them, so I wore them to tuition class. So there I was, wobbling down one of the busiest streets in Male', with my mother and a friend when all of a sudden I tripped over my own feet.

One minute I was standing, the next I was careening into a bicycle at the side of the road. If only it had stopped just there. But no, my flailing arms and out of control momentum caused the bicycle to crash into another one next to it and before I knew it, a whole block of parked bicycles were crashing down like a pack of dominoes!

And I was flat on my face on top of them with my heels in the air!!

If that wasn't embarrassing enough, my mother had to go all dramatic and shriek "my baby" which caused the remaining people who hadn't heard the deafening crash in a four block radius to come see what was happening!

Aaargh! Crowd was gathering, traffic was stopping, mother was wailing and there I was, all tangled up in bicycle metal! The floor simply did not open up and swallow me!! How I prayed and prayed it would!

Shireen Baig April 12, 2011 at 4:02 AM  

Wohoo! I was on of those who voted! But My life itself is so embarassing it's really hard to pick and choose and Mashallah sis xahu explained her moment with so much humor :P

Lil auntie, Dude, how can you not understand your own language? :P (I used to think i am the only illiterate)

There was this one place in my city (in india) which was like a place for the elite of the city :P My brother and his friends used to go there almost everynight (allahu alam how he could afford it 'cause he was a student those days) This place had an ice cream parlor too, so i thought it would be soo cool to go there with my brother since he knows so many people there. My brother was pretty embarassed to be seen out with his little sister I was 16-17 back then and I thought It would be a good idea to invest all my money on the biggest ice cream they had which was called TITANIC!

It was giant scoops of ice cream in an amazing design lying on top of eachother with alot of syrups, wafers on it. It is served in a metal bowl with some dry ice (which creates a lot of smoke) and gives a BLOODY COOL look!

So here we are, my brother and I, my brother already upset to be seen with me, As I was struggling to pull out a spoonful of ice cream from this gigantic ice cream, it so happened the bowl SLIPPED! The Ice Cream all over the floor!! My brother looked at me so furiously!!! :P GODDDD!!! We were like the centre of attention!!!

When I tried to sit down and my brotehr and sister pulled the chair beneath me.

When we were out of the city at a picnic spot and I went in the handicap's washroom! now the thing is I was not suppose to lock it apparently! but I did!! As a result I was locked in! :| :| :| :| I could die out of shame! hehe my cousin brother had to jump from ther other stall in mine and kick the door open for me LOLL

Whenever there was a joke passed during the dinner time, my bro/sis would always find my face to spill the water on.... from their MOUTH!


Unknown April 12, 2011 at 6:22 AM  

LOL! Shiru!! You're a girl after my own heart!! LOoooL on your Titanic!!

Once I went to Pizza Hut with my best friends and I went to the washroom and locked myself in too!! I couldn't open the stupid lock (I don't know why I locked it in the first place!) and there I was, stuck in the washroom of a restaurant filled with people!!

I was dying of panic and horror and had visions of them finding my dead corpse the next day! But finally after a lot of pushing on the other side by my shrieking friends and a lot of pulling from a frantic me, the door opened and I was SAVED!!

Another time I locked myself in a room at my cousin's place and my cousin-in-law had to climb in through the ventilation duct to get me out!!

I think I now have a phobia about being locked in places, especially bathrooms! :P

p.s. Shiru? I so want to hear more about your moments!! :P

p.p.s. Lol! It makes me feel SOOO much better to know I'm not the only one who's crappy with her mother tongue!! I was gonna ask Lil Auntie the same question, but I forgot in my comment. :P

Naz,  April 12, 2011 at 7:39 AM  

Oh my gosh u guys have such funny stories. I have some pretty embarrasing stories but heres one I'd actually share lol. So back in high school I used to wear those hijaabs with the embroidery and tassles at the end, u know which ones im talking about =p. So anywho, my high school happened to be very, very, very packed, bcuz the highschool only had two levels. the upper level was for the gym and the lower level was for the classrooms. And ALL THE CLASSROOMS WERE ON ONE FLOOR, so in order to describe how it was walking in those hallways.... it was like a human traffic jam with ppl stuck together like sardines in a tin can. it was soooooo gross and annoying. So anyways, this particular day I was walking to class from the lunchroom and I had my big backpack on and I felt something heavy tugging at me. I knew my backpack was heavy but I knew it wasnt that heavy. I also heard people giggling and making comments. I just ignored it because I thought theyre probably having their own conversations. As I continue to walk, EVERYONE around me seems to be staring and laughing at me and making rude comments. I look to see what happened. And lo and behold there is this guy standing behind me trying to get my hijaab off his backpack. So apparently, the tassle/embroidery on my hijaab got stuck to the zipper on his bagpack. That was dragging him along. He looked soooo PISSED, he thought I was purposely trying to trap him or something. As soon as he got my hijaab off his backpack I speed-walked to my class. I was MORTIFIED THE REST OF THE DAY because everyone was looking at me and laughing saying a hijaabi was trying to trap a guy. Well they didnt say hijaabi cuz they were American, but they said it in their own way. It was ONE of the most humiliating moments of my life, but it taught me to have thick skin lol.

Anonymous,  April 12, 2011 at 8:35 AM  

Back in the 6th grade, we were studying about the "Big Bang". All of a sudden, I really majorly had to...well, pass gas, to put it lightly. Unfortunately, I let out a very big one at the exact moment our teacher was talking about how everything started with 'an explosion and gas' and whatnot. Everyone was laughing and talking about 'gases' and explosion but the teacher didn't realize what they were talking about. The good thing is no one realized it was me.

Anonymous 2,  April 12, 2011 at 8:51 AM  

^^^^Hahahaha anonymous!

Little Auntie,  April 12, 2011 at 11:05 AM  

^To be honest, that was moi (yes, little auntie) :P Might as well let it out :P I have countless of embarrassing stories ...the more people share, the more mine will come out, LOL>

Sister Feminine, omG, imagine if she had done more!! LOOOL. And, hey, don't feel bad. When I was a kid, a girl asked me "Are you a girl or a boy?" (Talk about hurting my self-esteem!) LOL.

UriFatimah, that's a cute story! Did I chat with you yesterday (Fati? :D)

Xahu! OMG, we used to get that alllllll the time. Our bank in Sharjah would find it weird if we made more than one major purchase in the same day.....needless to say, there were many times we would stand at the counter with our dad, with sweaty fingers, praying that the card would just process it...but I think maybe once or twice we did have to leave our shopping carts. I can't remember...(or they were really close calls).

As for your embarrassing story, O.M.G. You made my daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! That's classic!! Hehe....LOL at being stuck in Pizza Hutt, too!

Shiru, LOOOOOOOOOOL @ titanic 'crashing' :P Hey, that's what little sisters are for, right? :P Haha!!

Naz, you gotta admit though, that's funny :P

Hey, let me tell you something to cheer you up.

Once, manyyyyyy years ago, my older sis and Miss Aunty and I were all in Egypt (it's always in Egypt) waiting to catch the taram back home (which is basically like a train that runs through our city, Alexandria). Well, these 16 year old guys heard us talking in English and got interested (even though we were wearing hijab). Anyways, my older sis just happened to have all of our uncles' e-mails written on her the guys, they were like "Hey, why don't you take our e-mail, too"....anyways, they kept talking to us and we kept making it clear that we didn't want 'to be friends' and we actually went and sat on the train, in the women's they switched tactics. They stood near the window where all the ladies could see them and said "Leave us alone! Is LOVE by force? Don't you get it?"

^ AS if we had been the ones harassing them.

(Honestly it was funny the way they did it and I don't think they intended any harm.) But let's think about what the older ladies thought. Desperate hijabi girls trying to get guys to love them....

Keep the other stories coming :)

TheSisterWhoSmiles April 12, 2011 at 1:25 PM  

^Hehehe! Now that is funny Little Auntie :')!!

Okay, let's try to think of something..
It's not exactly embarrassing, but it was incredibly funny, and still makes me laugh. We were in the school library all working around one table. I stood up to reach something then stood there talking for a bit. I got ready to sit down again but didn't notice that I had moved from my first position. So yeah, I sort of plonked on the floor, but with a strange cat-like cry which was rather loud.. very very loud in fact - as I fell. I couldn't stop laughing afterwards...
Another moment...
I was at a United Nations Youth Student Association meeting at school. As the secretary all correspondence goes through me. So I was incredibly excited when a huge package comes delivered to me at school with lots of merchandise and goodies. Something included in the box - were balloons. Already as excited as a 5 year old with a lollipop, and hyped up, I started blowing the balloon in the meeting. It got very big. Very, very big, but I didn't want to stop.. (I was hyped up :P), everyone in the meeting was bracing themselves for the BANG, but I couldn't stop blowing and laughing. In the end, they told me to leave the meeting room (:P), so, still laughing I left and continued to blow the balloon outside the room. It got ever so large and just as I was about to go back inside and tell them that it didn't pop, it BURST. The BANG which came was heard all throughout the school and bits of red rubber were scattered all outside the door to the meeting room, stuck to the door and all over the carpet. 'Eek', I squeaked. And sheepishly went back to the meeting to meet a dozen eyes of my peers.. 'Um, did you hear anything by any chance' I asked.
They told me to sit down - but I could see they also tried to stifle their laughter as did I. :P

Anonymous,  April 12, 2011 at 6:17 PM  

Well ... i dont have much but
this one time i through a rock at a black dog cause its "shaytaan" and well .... lets just say it didnt react well. hehe i ended up runnning for my life. it was an intense chase, but i won. the dog gave up after a while.
to top it off, my teacher told us to write a personal essay in class and i chose to write this story. i think she thinks im crazy now -___- but thats ok. hehehehe

Shireen Baig April 12, 2011 at 11:27 PM  

Xahu, you know what was the BEST PART?

When I came out of that stall, after my cousin kicked the door open for I just pretended like ''Ha-this is sooo normal, Like don't even ask me how normal! like pretty much everyday''

'nothing to get awkward or embarassed about'

Oh and here's another one! When we were in colleage in our 3rd year I had developed a stupid habit of pouting a kiss to anyone who I had some work with or whose favor I needed. And TRUST Me I used to do it with my little cousins and my nephew to make them listen to me.

One morning my friend and I were running towards a gate that closes down once the morning prayer starts. Now, IF we missed that we would miss our day's attendance as well. So we kept running and panting and the guy who was the gate keeper was just about to close, so here we are running and in fear of losing attendance (cause we already had lost alot)... I screamed 'Don't close please please please *pouts a mmuwah* and *the guy stops closing down*'

Once we are in, my friend looks at me and asks ''Do you realize what you've just DONE?!'' and Im like NOO? 'Shireen you just pouted a kiss to a bald, 40 somethings gate keeper dude!!!' and that was the time I wished to myself IF i could ONLY disappear because they were other girls too who had noticed it :|

Shireen Baig April 12, 2011 at 11:30 PM  

P.s. Sorry, but that moving butterfly with the as salamualaykum looks SO creepy (to me at least):P

Muslimah April 14, 2011 at 8:57 AM  

LOL at the latest anonymous! thats hilarious.
This story aint mine, it's my sisters (If she see's it on here, she will kill me, but oh well, its my fave one.)
My, my bro and my sis were just sitting, chatting, and laughing. Niw my bro has a full beard MashaAllah, and my sister says, "You have a hair on your beard." very innocently. I cracked up, as did my brother, but my sis was just say there confused, thinking whats so funny?
I ezplained to her. "His beard is MADE out of hair!!!!" LOL I still remind her to this day.
btw, this sister is 19 and my other one is 4
After a couple of days, i remembered this joke, and I shared it with my friends. (Yeah i know, im cruel like that :P) They cracked up, and 1 of them was like, "This was you 4 year oldsister right?" they luahged even more when i told them, "No it was my 19 yr old one. LOL! Its the joke of the year for me.

Anonymous,  April 15, 2011 at 2:14 PM  

im part of the team? that feels nice and is pretty much the only reason im writing this.

Assalaamu'alaikounna akhawaat!

embarrasing stories, i have plenty, just need to think..well, there was this particular one. me and a couple of friends were in packed out bus. and we were standing in the alley bit thingy.
There was this seats to the side and that have handles on their side which i was holding on to.
let me say. I was EXTREMELY tired. just think, finished a loooong day of college, it was hot and i was tired and i had work..
so..holding on to the handle we got on the bus talking about *whispers* homosexuals...
and..I, the unbelievably unaware girl, says FAGS out loud in a questionable manner. Now we're on this bendy bus with three doors, so this niqaabi came in from the other door and walked towards us as i burst out my beautiful new word. Now stifle giggles and trying to look ever so good in our big scarves and abayah "oh no, i didnt say fags..."

well back to the handle. After the homosexual moment me and my friends were quite quiet. trying to disappear into the background. so i spaced out. looking into the distance and just..hmm..swaying back and forth as the bus jolted along. and i felt handle..the handle was a bit shaky...and me..being the completely unaware thing just..kinda...SHAKED THE HANDLE...ATTACHED TO THE SEAT! and because it was a packed bus...well..there was someone sitting on that seat. someone....asleeep (!) and "shaken awake" might be a good description.

the thing is..i was still pretty much zoned out and did NOT realise what was happening until my friend had this HORRIFIED expression on her face and i thought "what's wrong" and realise what my hand was doing. I apologized profusely. and i htink it was my apologizing that awaken the lady, not the shaking. but i wouldnt know. Such traumatic experiences get wiped off your memory yano'...
except your friends memory...

Huda_xox,  June 5, 2011 at 1:16 PM  

lol, iv been crying recently, but readin these stories hav sent my rollin on my bck!
i hav thousands of embarissing stories, since apparenlty, im ultra lilarious and cuz im the only muslim hijabi at high school.... anywayz:

one non-unifrom day (i liv in the uk) i was wearing my abaya. my english class had had this project and on the last day of term, our teacher was announcing the winners (she called it the andrews awards) and it happned to b me and my friend. so i stood up and walked 2 the front of the class 2 collect my chocolate egg when i just suddenly slammed down to the floor. it happened so fast, no-one saw it happen. everyone just heard a heavy thud. one of the boys told me i walked up in style. honestly, it was the most embarassing thing that had ever happened to me! lol, my friends still talk about it... : D

the adventures of hijabi's... what a life we lead. i love it tho <3 to b honest, i believe hijabi's and niqabi's r the coolest ppl in the world!!!

anyway, jzk 2 the sisters who created this site. its amazing!

keep the hijab reppin sista's!


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