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>> Friday, April 15, 2011

I feel disgusted with myself. I don't know why but I just don't pray. I want to pray but I still won't.
I've stopped listening to music for awhile now. I still watch movies and a few shows but hardly.
I'll pretend I'm on my period, so I don't have to pray. I want to pray but I don't know why I don't. Maybe it's laziness, I don't know...
I want to pray. Please help me and make dua for me.

Dear Ukthe,

It's very good  that you stopped listening to music, ma'shaAllah, but salah is our single most important link to Allah. Allah subhanoo Wa' Tala has told us that the FIRST thing we will be judged upon is our salaah.

The Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) said: “The first matter that the slave will be brought to account for on the Day of Judgment is the prayer. If it is sound, then the rest of his deeds will be sound. And if it is bad, then the rest of his deeds will be bad.” (Tabarani).

The salah is the condition/ pre-requisite for other other ibadaa' to be accepted...

I mean, just imagine it was Ramadan. And you didn't watch t.v. or backbite or anything of that kind.

But you also didn't fast.

Would that be o.k.?

You and I both know that wouldn't be, right. It's the same thing here, sister.

When you don't pray, it's like you're purposefully not turning in your biggest and most important homework assignment. Every single day.

That's why, you have to turn this around. Today, not tomorrow. You can start off by reading our two previous entries on salaah...These are for the kind of people who just need a little inspiration and motivation....



But if you need a more serious wake- up call...I honestly hate using the 'harsh method', but some people need more than a push to get up..If you're one of those persons...

Well, honey, pack your bags.

We're going on a little trip.

The Prophet (Sala Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) said: “Between a man and kufr and shirk, is abandonment of the prayer.” (Muslim)

"Verily, I am Allah. There is no god but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular prayer for My remembrance". {Sura Tá-há, ayah #14}

And when you travel throughout the land, there is no blame upon you for shortening the prayer, [especially] if you fear that those who disbelieve may disrupt [or attack] you. Indeed, the disbelievers are ever to you a clear enemy.  (4: 101).....And when you have completed the prayer, remember Allah standing, sitting, or [lying] on your sides. But when you become secure, re-establish [regular] prayer. Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times. (103)

Notice, sister how Allah subhanoo Wa' Tala does not
 excuse the Muslims from completely abandoning 
the salah even during war. We are allowed to shorten it, but even when we are 'battling with an enemy', we still have to pray!

Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "If there was a river at the door of anyone of you and he took a bath in it five times a day would you notice any dirt on him?" They said, "Not a trace of dirt would be left." The Prophet added, "That is the example of the five prayers with which Allah blots out (annuls) evil deeds."

"And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah for Allah sees Well all that you do." (Sura Al-Baqarah, ayah # 110)

Narrated Abu Hurairah (Radiya Allah Anhoo) Rasualullah (Sallahoo Alyhee wa salam) said... "If the people knew the reward for the Zuhr prayer in its early time, they would race for it. If they knew the reward for the 'Isha' and the Fajr prayers in congregation, they would join them even if they had to crawl. If they knew the reward for the first row, they would draw lots for it."

"And be steadfast in prayer; give Zakat; and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship)." (Sura Al-Baqarah, ayah # 43)

But there came after them successors who neglected prayer and pursued desires; so they are going to meet evil - (59) Except those who repent, believe and do righteousness; for those will enter Paradise and will not be wronged at all. (60) (Surat Maryam)

The Day that the shin shall be laid bare, and they shall be summoned to bow in adoration (prostrate), but they shall not be able,- (42) Their eyes will be cast down, ignominy will cover them; they used to be called to prostrate (offer prayers), while they were healthy and good (in the life of the world, but they did not). (43) (68: 42- 43)

“What has caused you to enter Hell?” They will say: “We were not among those who prayed (Salaat).” [Surah al-Muddaththir:42-43]

Sis, we have no reason not to pray. Did you know that even the paralyzed person has to pray? Yes! They do. They have to use their eyes. So what about us?

No matter where we are, what we're doing, Allah subhanoo Wa' Tala is Greater. I mean think about Shaytaan. He refused to bow down once to Allah's command and look what happened to him (true, it was out arrogance), but the idea is...We are in desperate need of our salah.

The 5 daily prayers remind us that our Lord comes first, before anything else. When we put aside what we’re doing to pray, we declare that nothing in this life matters (not our jobs, families, etc) more than Allah. And since the prayers come every couple of hours, we are constantly reminded of Allah. Our lives, then, revolve around Him instead of worldly matters. And although we are told to think of Allah all of the time, it is in our prayers, especially, that we remember to glorify our Lord, thank Him for the countless of blessings He has provided us with, ask Him to guide us to His true path, etc. And when we physically prostrate to the true King and put our faces on the ground, we remind ourselves of our insignificance.

Don’t you agree that the more times that we communicate with Allah, the stronger our relationship with Him?…We have to turn to Him, sis. Before it's too late.

I want to point out something really terrifying. 

The scholars said that if a person dies and they did not pray, they truly die in a state of disbelief.
"He is not washed or prayed over, nor is he buried in the Muslim cemetery. His [Muslim] relatives do not inherit from him. Rather, his wealth is for the Muslim’s state treasury, according to the strongest opinion amongst the scholars. [This is] based on the authentic hadeeth [in which the] Prophet [sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam] stated: “Between a man and shirk [associating partners with Allaah] and kufr [disbelief] there stands his abandonment of the prayer.” This was reported by Imaam Muslim in his Saheeh. The Prophet [sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam] also stated: “The vow [religious commitment] that is between us and them [the hypocrites] is the prayer. He that abandons it has committed disbelief.” This was reported by Ahmad and the compilers of the sunan with an authentic chain from the hadeeth of Buraydaah radiyallaahu ‘anhu.

"My Lord, send me back (99) That I might do righteousness in that which I left behind." (Surat 23) 

Sister, I know that you can do this. I know you can get back to praying. Talk to your sister. Your family. Friend. Get someone to be your prayer buddy. You will be able to do this. 

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M4D April 15, 2011 at 4:27 PM  

MashaAllah this was really beautiful and thought provoking. Sisters I had a question. So I understand we are allowed to shorten our prayers when we travel (i.e on a plane..) but what about missing your Sunnah prayers (and I know it's not good for one to stop their Sunnah prayers if they start praying them) if someone is out and it's Zuhr time and their on the subway? Would it be fine to just pray Zuhr because of the people? And they are still out when it's Asr. Since Zuhr passed can they not make up the sunnah at home late at night?

Sorry for the confusion, this has always bothered me. Like when I'm at trainings (for work related things) and there are so many people and not enough time, what should I do about my sunnah prayers? What do you sisters think?

JazakAllah Khair!

sahar,  April 16, 2011 at 6:06 AM  

MASHALLAH..this is such a good post
about a 2 months ago a family member of ours was digonosed with cancer. he died about 1 week ago(allah yer7amo wa y7sen ele) he was in saudia arabia when he died(he lived there). mashallah he was a very relgious man and never missed a prayer even till the last moments in his life he was in so much pain from the chemotherapy and all the meds he wa talking so he could pray normaly, but when it was sallah time, he would signal to his family with his eyes that he wanted to pray. so they would pray jam3a in the hospital room and he would follow along with his eyes because he couldnt move or anything. even mashallah when he died and they uncovered him the relized he was doing the shahadah with his finger.we take our health for granted, now we can pray and make wudoo. we can even pray nafle, but we dont know what tomm holds for us.

Little Auntie April 17, 2011 at 4:06 AM  

oh, ma'shaAllah, sahar at your family member. May Allah grant him jannatul firduas and make his garden a grave of paradise. May He cleanse him of his sins and bestow his mercy on him.

It's so true- we don't know what tomorrow holds for us. Even our next prayer is not guaranteed, SubhanAllah.

M4D! I have to be honest- I'm not sure what the answer is for that. I tried looking it up but I didn't find your exact question. I found this, though--


sahar,  April 17, 2011 at 12:47 PM  

@ little auntie
alhumma ameen inshallah...

M4D April 21, 2011 at 6:09 PM  

JazakAllah Khair Auntie. (L)!

dawnrose April 21, 2011 at 8:42 PM  

Masha'allah sis, what great advice! I hope the asker will benefit from this, Insha'Allah. I'd like to recommend an AWESOME series on WHY we pray, and HOW to pray better. And no, this series is really different and thought-provoking. It's not the stereotypical advice given to a person to pray. It was so beautiful that not even halfway through the series, I started CRYING. And right now, Alhamdulillah, I'm more absorbed in my prayers and am even excited to pray when the time comes. It's truly changed my perspective towards Salah. Please, sisters, do read it. It's an amazing source, I guarantee you. It's a series of articles with part 1, part 2, etc. and not audio; but it's not droning, it's really exciting.


Please sis, do put it up on your site when explaining about Salah :)Thanks for this!

Little Auntie April 21, 2011 at 11:28 PM  

Dawnrose, nice to meet you! Jazillah khair for sharing that link with us. Actually, I have put a different translation of this same series "How To Taste it" a LOT of times on this site (especially in the previous salah answers and when we talked about tarwaweeh in Ramadan). I love that series :) If you see the other ^articles, you'll see we told others to read it :)

But, hey, it's great you added that one, too :)

dawnrose April 22, 2011 at 7:44 AM  

Wow, what a fast answer! :) I love your work and website. I'm really hooked, Alhamdulillah! Er, little auntie, is it the same series? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they're different, aren't they? And by different authors? Or maybe I'm mistaken! :o But the link you mentioned was very good in itself. It had that same, poetic ability that makes sense at the same time. Thank you for that! :)

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